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  • The daily transaction limits on SBFTC are displayed on the first page after the Customer Logs into the Prepaid portal
  • EZ-PAY/IMPREST/SMART PAYOUT/XPRESS MONEY CARDS are enabled for cash withdrawls from NON SBI ATMs Charges Rs 20/- for each cash withdrawals and
  • Rs 9/- for Balance enquiry.
  • You can place request for personalised gift card though
  • Gift Card Issuance Charges waived till 31.03.2017


Presenting Gifts to your loved ones during festive season or on special occasions is an integral and unique culture in India. Traditionally, gifts have been given in the form of cash or kind. With the advancement of Banking, Gift Cheques were introduced, allowing the beneficiary to use the money as they desired. These cheques, however, are accepted at the issuing bank branches only. The State Bank Gift Card, issued in association with VISA International, is the product which gives the comfort of convenience and wide acceptability and also unlimited options for the beneficiary to choose.

State Bank Smart Payout card

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State Bank Xpress Money Card

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State Bank Achiever Card

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Issuance Fee

Rs 100+G.S.T.

Replacement card

Rs 100+G.S.T.

Transactions at Merchant Establishments

No charges by SBI. However, some MEs may impose a surcharge viz Petrol Pumps,railways etc., which would be recovered.

Charges on expired card.

i. In case balance in the Card is below Rs.500.00

The entire balance will be forfeited and Gift Card will be closed

ii. In case balance in the Card is above Rs.500.00

Annual maintenance fee of Rs 100/- per year will be charged and balnce will be refunded to the purchaser on application

*Gift Card issuance charges are waived since beginning of launching the product, currently waived till 31-03-2016, waiver is proposed to be continued till 31.12.2017. & **Nil load/reload charges are applicable through CINB/INB.