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  • OTP has been introduced for making e-com transactions through INR Prepaid Cards. The OTP will be received on customer registered mobile number.
  • The daily transaction limits on SBFTC are displayed on the first page after the Customer Logs into the Prepaid portal
  • EZ-PAY/IMPREST/SMART PAYOUT/XPRESS MONEY CARDS are enabled for cash withdrawls from NON SBI ATMs Charges Rs 20/- for each cash withdrawals and
  • Rs 9/- for Balance enquiry.
  • You can place request for personalised gift card though
  • Gift Card Issuance Charges waived till 31.03.2017
  • Online FTC Registration

    Prepaid cards work on the theme of pay now and use at your convenience, very similar to prepaid mobile phone cards. All you have to do is buy a card, load it with the desired amount and the card is ready to be used. You do not require any account to use these cards.

    Prepaid cards are convenient alternatives to cash and cheques and benefit cardholders in a number of ways:-

    State Bank Smart Payout card

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    State Bank Xpress Money Card

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    State Bank Achiever Card

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    Cardholders can use prepaid cards to pay various merchants payments and e-Commerce transaction.Smart Payout cards/eZ-Pay cards can also be used for withdrawing cash at ATMs.These cards can easily be reloaded using State Bank CINB/RINB by corporate/individual or at the branches.


    Cardholders can make purchases or get cash when they need it (FTC/eZ-Pay cards), rather than carrying large sums of cash. Access to funds on a prepaid card is protected by a PIN at ATMs and cardholder's signature and at merchant locations.


    A prepaid card can be replaced on request, if lost or stolen.

    Better Financial Management

    Itemized statements and online reporting make tracking of expenses and monitoring card activity easier and more efficient than cash or cheques. Also, cardholders can better budget their finances by limiting spending to the amount of funds that have been loaded to a prepaid card.


    For people without a bank account, prepaid cards provide the convenience and security of a card product without requiring an existing banking relationship or credit history.